Dear parents and students:

The 2020-2021 school year has officially commenced. As the epidemic outlook remains unclear, class suspensions and resumptions may continue to persist. Our teachers are well poised to handle both physical and online teaching, with the goal of ensuring that students continue to learn. I hope that everyone can appreciate the teachers’ dedication, as appreciation and self-discipline are the best responses that go along with learning on each subject and level.

Parents, you have lately been tirelessly providing round-the-clock support to your children. In the past, students were in school most of the day, but now they spend the entire day at home. This situation must pose much pressure on you, as you have to spend a lot of effort to take care of your children. For this reason, I wish to thank you all for working hand in hand with the school. Let’s continue to do so and stay in close communication.

The following are a few friendly reminders for the new school year:

  • Check the school mobile app ( GRWTH   ) regularly.

  • Remember to reply to school notices.

  • Attend online classes at 7:55am.

  • When not studying, please rest your eyes and do the "eye care exercises" regularly. (Please view the video below.)

  • Meditate often. You can download the ( newlife‧330 ) mobile app.

  • After class, reduce your use of electronic devices, read more, play chess, or do more stretching exercises, etc.

  • Must go to bed early and wake up early.


As mentioned during the opening ceremony, the theme for this school year is to “live with positivity, love without boundaries”. I hope that everyone will know how to love their families, friends and themselves. When confronted with changes in life, regardless of them being good or bad, we can keep a positive attitude and face them positively, because life is full of hope. I wish everyone a healthy mind, body and spirit in the new school year.