The Voice of Man Kiu (2019-20): The Principal’s Words

This is likely to be the most turbulent school year in recent memory! The scheduled events, such as the 50th anniversary musical, sports day and picnic, were all cancelled. The school also had to face several months of class suspension, with students, parents and teachers encountering multiple challenges. While the situation appeared pessimistic, we could still count our blessings during this difficult time. For instance, we received a lot of donated computers, iPads, surgical masks, disinfectants and cleaning products from many kind-hearted people. We could see how people help one another in their own ways and be the love in this world. To doctors and the whole medical community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. They stand fast in their roles during this time period to treat, keep watch over and take care of every patient. Their professionalism deserves our admiration.

Despite experiencing difficulties during this pandemic with the impact on implementing several school plans, we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Positive Education program. How optimistic were we in the face of this adversity? Could we remain encouraged when confronted with challenges? In another country, a father and daughter dressed up in cartoon character costumes when they went out to dispose of their garbage – as a way of breaking up the monotony of being inside all day. There were also people making food baskets and hanging them out of their balconies to share with people passing by. Elsewhere, police officers spread out encouraging words using loudspeakers. All these displayed positive character strengths such as humor, love, kindness, optimism, creativity and team spirit.

Our teachers at work showed an optimistic attitude and shared ways they have found effective for keeping spirits full. They made video lessons to support remote learning, composed songs to combat the pandemic and shot films for life education. They never ceased fervently teaching and motivating the students. They also had to overcome hurdles in adapting to the demanding workload in changing teaching modes using new techniques and methodologies. Throughout this challenging time, the desire of our faculty and students to better themselves and stay potent, hopeful and confident was remarkably strong. We give great thanks to teachers, social workers and the general staff of the school. Their care and work are terrific. I am delighted and proud that, together our school has lived up to the goal of our theme, “Learn to Love and Love to Learn.”