Learning and Teaching Objectives:

  1. To enhance the knowledge and skills of students in application of information technology.
  2. Learning through electronic technology to enhance students' interest in learning and develop self-learning ability, thus achieving lifelong learning.
  3. Instill students with the necessary attitude to use information technology to aid in critical thinking and assessment of media.


Learning and Teaching Features:

01. E-learning
Considering the ubiquitous nature of information technology (IT), the curriculum of computer studies in our school mainly acts in concert with the Information Technology Learning Targets from the Education Bureau. Students can learn in the lesson and after school through the online electronic platform, which can aid students in self-study without the confines of any time limit.

02. Bilingual Education
The computer studies curriculum has been developed for students according to their different language needs. English or Chinese is used as the medium of instruction. Our school has two computer rooms - one for English medium of instruction and the other for Chinese.

03. IT Activities and Events
We organize various IT activities and events for extended learning. Students’ learning motivation can be stimulated through the activities and competitions. Students can also utilize the knowledge and skills they have learned in Computer Studies.