Message from Principal

Greetings and welcome to the third issue of The Voice of Man Kiu. During the past three distinguished academic years, Man
Kiu Association Primary School’s faculty and students progressively aligned on goals and worked closely in accordance
with achieving the predetermined objectives of our 2015-2018 education plan’s central targets:

● Instilling Respect for Other Cultures
● Opening up New International Horizons
● Cultivating Confidence and Perseverance
● Promoting the Five Virtues and Nurturing Personal Development

Instilling Respect for Other Cultures
Our school organized cultural events each year to embrace our definitive multicultural attributes and celebrate cultural
diversity. Mixing students of diversified ethnicity has been a successful approach for students to comingle and appreciate
each other. The house system contributed in creating a unique school climate of familial pride that students and teachers
alike all delighted in. Both formal and informal curriculums infiltrated elements and measures that respect diversity and
communion so students could duly support each other.
Opening up New International Horizons
Making connections around the globe to build international mindedness is one of the
core emphases of our learning program. Teachers and students travelled together to
countries including South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Mainland China for uplifting
and transformative experiences. School tours at international and local schools
in our city exemplified partnership with our society. Our faculty members attended
international conferences and visited schools in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea
and Mainland China to share experiences and perspectives on Positive Education,
e-learning and life education with seasonally practiced educators and scholars. We
also had the chance to review stances on current education, the policies and their
effectiveness along the way. All events and activities enthused our staff and students
to pursuit lifelong learning and keep pace with the rapidly changing world.
Cultivating Confidence and Perseverance, Promoting the Five Virtues and Nurturing Personal Development
I am deeply honored with the Excellent Award earned by my team in The 2nd Outstanding
Teaching Award for Moral Education event hosted by the Education Bureau and
Winsor Education Foundation. Perseverance is our school’s theme. Students’ social
and emotional development was served through effective and challenging avenue with
“Barefoot Walk,” “Accidental Life,” and watching inspiring movies, such as Wonder and
Invisible Wings. We invited speakers to address our student body at events like Sports
Day. This year, Mr. Tinlo Poon gave us an enlightening speech on how he persisted
after having to be amputated due to a traffic accident.
In addition, our students participated in a great number of competitions and won a
multitude of awards in academic, arts and science aspects. Winning is never the most
important; the practices in training, cultivation of will power, consistency in coping with success and failure are the valuable
lessons for all to learn. We ensured every student has the foundation necessary to succeed by reinforcing the importance
of perseverance and resilience. I am very grateful to see the growth of our students in different areas.
Best of all, enhanced school facilities offered a radiantly transformed environment for us to teach and learn. We are
absolutely grateful for all the generous support from the Education Bureau, numerous business organizations, friends,
anonymous donors, social heroes and partners in aiding our school development.
It was never easy to go through all the challenges and obstacles in the past three years. All collective efforts and hard work
done by our consummate teaching staff, administrators and janitors provided quality holistic education to our students. We
feel justifiably proud when we see the happy children faces and witness the progression of every child.
Over the next three years, Man Kiu Association Primary School has many things to look forward to. We
will continue preparing ourselves for establishing Positive Education in the school setting to bolster
students in valuing wellbeing and building strong character. We will seek the most constructive
ways to address the six wellbeing domains of Positive Education, namely positive emotions,
positive engagement, positive accomplishment, positive purpose, positive relationships, and
positive health to develop awareness and nurture a growth mindset. I hope all students will get
well-equipped to fulfil their potential above and beyond.