Principal’s Welcome

I believe that every child is unique, 

I believe that every child has talent, and 

I believe that every child’s talent is lying there waiting to be explored.

The word ‘education’ comes from the Latin word ‘educere’, which means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to draw forth’. It follows that the exploration and development of a child’s talent is the centre of education, an education that takes place not only at school, but also at home.

The role of the teacher is to educate their students at school, just as the role of the parents is to educate their children at home. We can’t achieve an all-round education without the participation of either.

This year, as Principal of Man Kiu Association Primary School, I undertake to lead the school, teachers as well as every other educator, to provide a cutting-edge all-round education for all our students. However, no innovation in teaching method, and no advanced digital technology, can replace an education in love. Love is what connects students with teachers, children to parents. When students have done something right, they should be encouraged with love. When students have done something wrong, they should be instructed and put up with in love, and encouraged to improve in love.  Finally, when children come into difficult situations, they should be advised and helped in love.

I believe Man Kiu Association Primary School has within it the love that is central to education.

I hope I will lead the Man Kiu team to educate and to inspire in love.


Small Enough to Care, 

Big Enough to Inspire

YIP Shuk Ting Ivy