Brand New Man Kiu, Fulfill Our Potential 

In the blink of an eye, I have been the principal of Man Kiu Association Primary School for a year. Looking back the past year, I am grateful to all my staff who work so hard and pay tremendous effort for the students and the school. Although I am no longer a “new” principal, one of the targets of this year is “Brand New Man Kiu, Fulfill our potential”. Man Kiu Association Primary School will continue to progress, strive for excellence and provide the best education and environment to our students.

For the school environment, we have renovated the school main gate, covered playground, general office, washrooms, installed CCTV and virtual walkie talkies.  A multi-purpose activity room is provided for students to enjoy cooking activities and it also serves as a recreation room for staff members.

Brand New Man Kiu includes also our new school uniform design and a new school emblem. Wearing the newly designed uniform, students proudly present the school’s new image.

In addition to these changes, a new timetable is carefully planned. Lessons begin later than before to make sure students have enough rest before attending school. A tutorial lesson is scheduled in the last lesson so that students have the time and help from teachers in their learning.  Concerning our curriculum, all Primary 1 subjects are taught in English. Non-Chinese speaking students are having lessons with Chinese-speaking students so that they can learn different cultures and languages from one another. The respect of different cultures in harmony is also the unique characteristic of Hong Kong as a famous international city in the world.

Furthermore, the new STEM curriculum is introduced in the school. To facilitate the teaching and learning of STEM, classrooms were renovated and a whole Lego wall was built in the classroom. 3D printing and computer software design are all included in STEM to get students well-prepared for the ever-changing IT world. STEM is well-received by our students and they enjoy the lessons.

Last but not least, a House system is introduced in our school. There are three houses, Sapphire, Topaz and Garnet. All students are assigned to different houses since P1 so that there are students from different grades and classes in each house. In creating the vertical relationship within each house, senior students can help junior students and a strong sense of belonging to the house and school is enhanced.

The main aim of introducing of all “new” elements in our school is to provide the best school for our students. I sincerely hope that our parents, students and staff all enjoy our “Brand New Man Kiu”.


YIP Shuk Ting Ivy