Through the study of visual arts, student learn the different uses of various visual elements and are able to handle visual language to express different feelings and enhance the awareness of different expressions.  It helps students develop their inner potential for creative thinking. It also helps constructing positive values.  

Learning different scopes of art from ancient to current artists through the span of their course work, students broaden their perspectives and global views.

Annual Curriculum Target:

  1. Foster students’ visual recognition and nurture sharp sensitivities for the arts, in order to foster multiple intelligences.
  2. Develop students’ abilities for appreciation of life and their surroundings.
  3. Over the course of artistic creation and appreciation, cultivate multi-dimensional thinking and establish personalized and positive values.
  4. Nurture students’ interests and enthusiasm toward the arts.
  5. Encourage active participation in different forms of art such as visual, performing, installation and help students feel the contributions and impacts of the arts on our society.

Special Teaching Approaches:

  • Through demonstration of the interactions of art and our living environment, we let students understand the importance of respect and harmonic communion of cultural differences.
  • Through understanding of properties of different materials and colors, we encourage students to take initiative to learn and try.
  • From appreciation to creation, we assist students in appreciating the theme behind historical artworks across eastern and western cultures and widen their horizons.
  • To launch strategic development of learning, to cultivate sensitivities, creativities and apply to creation of artworks, students consequently build their confidence and persistence.