English Subject Key Issues:

  • Improve learning and teaching of English.
  • Enhance students' self-learning abilities.
  • Maintain an enriched English learning environment.


Characteristics in Learning and Teaching:

01. School-based reading and writing programs

With the support of the Advisory Teaching Team from the NET Section of Education Bureau, students in Key Stage 1 are immersed in the Primary Literacy Programme - Reading and Writing (PLP-R/W) with a focus on reading and writing. The Native-speaking English Teacher (NET), Local English Teachers (LETs) and Classroom Assistants (CAs) work collaboratively to develop students’ English language abilities through whole class, group and individual activities. In Key Stage 2, our international students continue to participate in the Seed Project that prepares students for the challenge in Key Stage 3 by implementing more extensive language experiences and innovative learning opportunities.

02. E-learning in vocabulary and grammar for Primary 2 students

We adopt the Super Pilot e-Book as one of the learning resources in the General English program which enhances our students’ interest in learning English through interactive exercises and games.

03. Enriched English learning environment

Ample opportunities are provided for our students to practice and use English on the campus. As our students come from different ethnic background, both international and local classes mingle and learn together during lessons and school activities.

04. Sustainable intervention program for newly arrived children

Timely and sustainable support is given to all newly arrived children so that they will be able to meet the basic standard in the foundation English courses according to individuals’ intake level within the first year of arrival.  

05. Various enrichment programs

Each year, a great number of our students participate in Speech Festival and Drama Festival. They have scored excellent results and gained an enormous amount of experience and enjoyment in language arts performance.