Chinese Language Education Objectives:

  • —   Focus on language knowledge
  • —   Cater for learner diversity
  • —   Participate actively in language activities and competitions to increase self-confidence
  • —   Encourage self-learning


Learning and Teaching Strategies:

01. Individualized Chinese curriculum

Our school offers a variety courses according to students' varying levels and classes are divided into local and international classes. All Primary 1 students adopt the local class curriculum while international students may enlist in a course to acquire a solid foundation in Chinese.

02. School-based Chinese culture curriculum to link up with the secondary school curriculum

Our school fosters students’ knowledge of Chinese culture. To enable local students to have a good foundation in Chinese language, they study Chinese idioms and classical Chinese literature.

03. Cross-class setting enhances students’ performance

International classes are divided into different groups so students can learn Chinese according to their individual proficiency levels. In oral lessons, students are grouped in a mixed ability mode, so that they can support one another in activities to enhance learning outcomes.

04. School-based learning unit to enhance students' abilities

A six year school-based curriculum for the international classes started in 2007 in order to bolster the Chinese unit. We always review the content of the curriculum in accordance with the new requirements of the Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Adapted Learning Framework, Chinese Language Assessment Tool for Non-Chinese Speaking Students and some contextually relevant texts. Furthermore, some scaffolding to assist in the improvement of writing skills is provided to students of differing abilities.

05. Promote e-learning with emphasis on information technology

E-learning elements are integrated into classroom activities to enhance students’ learning motivation and interest. Students can also use educational apps on tablets to learn Chinese during recesses and tutorial lessons.

06. Develop teaching resources to improve the curriculum

Sponsored by the Quality Education Fund, our school has developed an e-learning and cross-subject Chinese drama curriculum for international students.

07. Enhance students' self confidence

In order to enhance students' self-confidence, our school arranges for students to participate in solo verse and choral speaking, drama and writing competitions.

08. Film making class to encourage self-learning

Film making classes are arranged to encourage self- learning, promote creativity and cultivate the spirit of cooperation amongst students.