Internationalized Aided School


1.Encourage students to ‘Learn what Morality is and Cultivate One’s Moral Character’,
   to promote an all-round personal development

2.Create a positive and supportive learning environment
3.Develop close links with parents, and work closely with different social services


Instilling Respect for Other Cultures
Opening up New International Horizons
Cultivate Confidence and Perseverance
Promoting the Five Virtues and Nurturing Personal Development

We believe that every child is unique. They all have potential for success, and they all deserve a chance to develop their talents.

We believe that every child is able to think for themselves and learn for themselves. They all have potential to become self-motivated learners, both at school age and beyond.

We believe that every child has the potential to be independent. We believe they can all learn to take responsibility, and that they can all grow to become useful members of society.